‘Every day each of us invents the world and the self who meets that world opens up or closes down space for others within that’

Rebecca Solnit 


Faye Dobinson is a London born and West Cornwall based multi disciplinary artist, activist and educator.

She is here to hold space for possibility for people and endeavours, and is passionate about creativity’s role in creating community, conversation and rigorous, actionable hope. She is here to do the work that connects.

This Love activism and socially engaged practice has run through her own 25 year practice, finding form in running a wide range creative projects in SE London with disaffected young people, working with children with emotional and behavioral problems, within her teaching that she regards as a form of activism and in her own artistic output that asks questions of Power and Love. She works in a range of disciplines including painting, drawing, printing, site specific work and assemblage, and has travelled widely to meet other creative communities and look at the role of art in their lives. This relational aspect within her work has resulted in her exhibiting and teaching in Mongolia, exhibiting and working with artists in Tibet, helping open Europe’s first Contemporary Tibetan Art Gallery ‘The Sweet Tea House’ in E London and now The Jupiter Project.

Faye lives in Penzance, UK, with her daughter. She is a Creative Mentor, a Celebrant and also runs ‘Defining Practice,’ a year long practical based mentoring course at The Newlyn Art School.

Faye Dobinson Jupiter Gallery



The Jupiter Project has been born out of Faye Dobinson’s involvement with Jupiter Gallery in Newlyn, Cornwall, UK and also the creative loving activism that has always run through her own art practice.

The gallery was established by Chris and Lynne Dyer in 2019 and opened with a solo show by Faye. Her involvement deepened with dear friend and part owner of the space, Lynne: the two visioned what the gallery could do and the artists it would show and they opened with the group exhibition ‘Nutopia: Rising from Beautiful Ruins’ in October 2021 which featured 37 local, national and international artists.

Sadly the programme of shows that followed was largely disrupted due to COVID and ill health. Faye kept the space going as Creative Director on her own from December ’21.

‘The Jupiter Project’ that she has developed is a mixed programme of weekly ‘Jupiter Takeovers ‘and exhibitions and events that she creates and curates.

Exciting embodiments of creativity, in all its configurations, are finding form in the space.

The Takeover applications that were accepted hold with Faye’s vision for the space as a container of possibility: sometimes a working studio, sometimes a place to host performances and collaborations, and sometimes a space to exhibit or try out a new body of art work. 

The resulting community that has developed is diverse, passionate, positive and engaged, thankful for the provision of a creative project that is doing things another way.